The top 5 things to look for in a company doing your commercial design. are many things in the world that are best left to the professionals.  Plumbing and electrical work are two that jump to mind.  A more general, yet just as important, item that is best left to the professionals is commercial design.  Commercial design entails the design and order of any professional space.  This could mean an individual office, or an entire floor of a large manufacturing company.  There are many tricks to commercial design, as well as specific ways in which it can help a company to become more productive.  Because the field is so specialized, and also because there is so much riding on the commercial design of your company, making the right choice in the company you allow to do your commercial design is crucial.  However, finding the right company can be tricky.  Therefore, in order to help you make the right decision, here are the top five things to look for in a company that is doing your professional design.

1.  Experience in the field.  Clearly, the most important thing to find in a commercial design company is experience.  Your office space will be unique to your business, and therefore the demands it will put on people trying to take on your commercial design will also be unique.  It is important to choose a company that has a vast amount of experience with all different types of spaces and requirements.  Their experience will allow them to create the type of commercial design you are looking for, rather than just throwing together something generic.

2.  A variety of cubicles.  This may not seem as obvious, but it is critical to find a commercial design company that offers a wide variety of cubicles.  Different types of cubicles will look great in different kinds of spaces, and the wrong cubicles can create a horrible atmosphere in an office.  Cubicle walls are prominent in offices, so they should be made out of a material and a certain color that suit the office.

3.  Interior design examples.  One of the easiest ways to determine if you like the kind of design a company has to offer is to look through their past work.  You must, therefore, find a company that willingly shows their different kinds of work so you can decide if the quality of work they provide, and their unique designs, are something that you want to go forward with.

4.  An entire team dedicated to the task.  This is crucial.  There are many companies out there that claim they specialize in commercial design and then just throw some of their employees on the task.  You want to make sure that you choose a company that has an entire team dedicated to commercial and interior design.  This means they have specialists, and specialists are always better.

5.  A strong understanding of ergonomics.  Ergonomics is the field of making sure that every object, cubicle wall, and piece of furniture are placed to maximize the ease with which people can do their work in an office space.   Without an understanding of ergonomics, a commercial design company is simply shooting in the dark.


Reasons employees leave jobs include better benefits, better cubicles, and telework options

Following the great recession of the 2008-2009 era, which has seen slow but steady recovery in the unemployment rate, there has been a fundamental shift in the way employees consider work and their various employment options. It used to be that people would stay in a place for twenty or thirty years and retire there. Some people just take the first job they are offered and work their way up and out. More and more, though, people are job hopping as better opportunities pop up or as they are recruited. The most talented can be heavily recruited, leaving other companies struggling to fill the void and retain their best employees. Workplace satisfaction research has taken on a life of its own, as companies sprint to try and stay ahead of their competition. Below are some of the biggest factors they are looking at as a result of some of this research.

  1. Benefits: Do employees leave because better benefits are offered elsewhere, such as employer matching for retirement funds? Better vacation leave, sick leave, and stock options are all huge factors contributing to job hopping. Health insurance offerings used to be a big one as well, but has declined in importance as a factor in job searching because of the Affordable Care Act.
  2. Commute: The ability to telework, or work closer to where they live in general is a reason many people switch jobs now. Roads are getting more and more congested, and gas prices motivate anyone to drive less. If telecommuting is an option, people can avoid or limit their commute altogether, which is an encouraging prospect for many.
  3. Office space:commercial design Is the office well lit? Are the cube walls too high and blocking light? The difference between an actual office and cubicles is big for many, though not all, employees, and could be a factor in some choosing one job location over another. It is possible you might not have control over the office space in which your employees work, but there are little things that can be done to spruce up an area in which people spend many of their waking hours. There are options such as different furniture or cubicle walls that might make sense even in a pre-fabricated office building. MacBride Office Furniture offers a variety of new and used office furniture and cubicle walls that can be customized to suit your office’s precise needs.
  4. Environment: Is the environment collaborative and creative? Or are people more independent and do their own work on their own time without needing much from others? This will vary wildly depending on the type of work, and prospective employees could be attracted to either type of work environment depending on their own personal styles. This is one that has to simply meet the needs of the company, because it cannot change on a whim to suit each new employee that comes on board.

It is wise to not make any of these decisions in a vacuum if one of these is facing you within your company. Assessing the employees’ needs as well as the business’s will help make the best decision for all parties involved.

Where did the cubicle come from and is it time to reinvent it?

 http://www.macbrideofficefurniture.comFor years now, many a tired and cranky business man or woman has spent hour after hour poring over spreadsheets or breaking their back trying to figure out the work they are tasked to be doing and how best to accomplish said task in such an uncompromising space as the modern day cubicle. You may laugh at the thought, but the cubicle is perhaps the least user friendly workspace ever created. To be fair, some office partition design companies to a splendid job of mitigating the awfulness of the traditional cubicle. Some companies do their best to make the cubicle seem fun and bright with new designs that allow for movement and flexibility in the space. Some companies have done this remarkably well, and new groups are taking off touting the word “ergonomics” and creating work stations that are more conducive to the demanding and creative aspects of modern work life. For this reason, the cubicle as we knew it is becoming obsolete. The old cramped and difficult to work in workspace is moving back in history to be hidden away and never again resurrected. This move forward is a great step, but in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past, we must remember exactly how the past was created.

The term cubicle is derived from the Latin “cubiculum” meaning bed chamber. How odd that a space intended for productive work was first named for a tiny space for sleeping. Never minding the oddities in this derivation, let us proceed to the original use of the cubicle. It was first used in the early 15th century by the English and was simply a term for any kind of small chamber, regardless of the function of the space. The defining factor in these spaces was that the rooms had partitions which did not reach the ceiling. The goal, of course, was to allow for a certain degree of privacy in work while simultaneously maximizing space usage in order to give everyone the space they needed to succeed in their work while cutting down on costs. As many groups before and after have attempted, this space saving a resource management strategy was some what useful, but over time has given rise to a lack of productivity due to poor workplace conditions. By failing to give an individual the space that her or she needs to feel comfortable and well spaced within his or her work area, the cubicle has over time degraded the efficiency of the worker rather than uplifting it, as was the original purpose. Over time, studies have been done to analyze the reasons for this loss in productivity that seems to be so widespread in the modern business office. Herman Miller’s Research Corporation, founded in 1960, was particularly instrumental in understanding the way in which an office space functioned in the twentieth century versus the nineteenth century. The results of the research ascertained just how ineffective the cubicle has been. This is why it is important for innovation and creativity to take over in commercial office design!

MacBride Office Furniture makes your office space eco-friendly

http://macbridefurniturecompany.comIf you’re anything like me, then sustainability in the workplace perhaps seems like an oxymoronic concoction. It’s true, when you think of the office space, you probably imagine frustrated employees crumpling up scraps of paper and throwing them aimlessly over drab cubicle walls, sighing in frustration and the person in the cubicle next to you yells loudly to a client on the phone. This is certainly not the picture of sustainability.

Fortunately, MacBride Office Furniture is taking steps into this brave new world of pleasant and- dare I say it- eco-friendly office spaces! I was pleasantly surprised to find a company so committed to these environmental ideals. They abide by the “triple bottom line”, adhering to the principles of the well-known “reduce, reuse, and recycle” motto. According to MacBride, the first step in bettering our world is simply by reducing the amount of materials we use and the waste we create. A fairly simple principle, MacBride extends this to the world of cubicle walls and office furniture by urging companies to use materials efficiently and to brainstorm alternative and multiple uses of such materials. Further, and perhaps most poignantly, MacBride embodies the “reuse” ideal by selling used furniture at great prices. It’s true, most furniture built for the workspace outlasts its first owner; why waste! This company is the top in finding reliable second-hand furniture and partitions that allow an office to come alive with a new design. Finally, office furniture may not always be created with recycling in mind, but MacBride urges customers to make this a priority. For example, cubicle walls can be manufactured from a variety of recycled materials. In doing so, we keep more waste out of landfills and still keep office spaces looking bright and clean! Some companies even specialize in this production process, using everything from recycled soda bottles to plant based resources and other materials. Even the laminates and paints can be produced via processes with lower carbon emissions. MacBride makes it clear that office decor doesn’t have to just focus on workplace efficiency, but also on environmental efficiency as well.

MacBride Office Furniture doesn’t stop there. They’re committed to reducing environmental impacts through the entire lifetime of a piece of office furniture. A LEED Certified company, the products they sell (called “build outs”) are designed to increase energy savings and well as water efficiency while reducing carbon emissions and improving the quality of the indoor environment. Furthermore, LEED-CI requirements mandate that an existing structure house a minimum of 30% used office furniture. A standard that MacBride holds itself to, this extends to groups who partner with them in using this environmentally conscious office furniture group.

Can you picture it? An office full of happily productive employees working away behind pleasantly recycled and brightly colored cubicle walls, recycling paper and saving empty ink cartridges to refill later. The office space can be a place of environmental care too, and MacBride Office Furniture can help make that a reality for any office. So, start abiding by the triple bottom line and give MacBride a try!

MacBride Office Furniture helps us keep our employees happy

For as long as I can remember, I have been working in offices of some kind or another. Being a business person, my environment has never really changed all that much regardless of the job that I many have. Most times, I’m in an office space ruled by cubicles and the only nice offices in sight belong to either managers or partners of the company. While I am one of the people in the nice offices, I didn’t start off that way. I was the cubicle worker that everyone who has ever seen a cubicle dreads becoming. However, I can honestly say, I never really had any complaints. I was lucky enough to have bosses that really cared about their employees, and made sure that our cubicle spaces were comfortable as well as functional.

I consider this to be valuable experience for in that I am not in the position that I have to decide the type of work condition our office provides for our employees. I try my best to remember how I felt when I was working in a cubicle, and I try to use those memories to my advantage as I try to keep my employees happy. So this year I decided it was time get new furniture for the office from our usual provider MacBride Office Furniture. Everyone got new desks, chairs, and cabinets; and anything else the employees need to do their jobs. We even got new cubicle walls that weren’t as high so that employees would be able to see each other. So far I have heard nothing but good things about the changes, and I am so thankful to MacBride Office Furniture for their help.

MacBride Office Furniture

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Cubicles scare people.

When I tell people that I work in an office and have a cubicle, most people my age are really freaked out.  I do not think that anyone my age wants to work in a cube and sit inside all day.  I have to say that I agree.  I am fortunate in the respect that much of my day is spent outside the office.  It is rare that I will spend an entire week without getting any external meetings.  It is important to me and to my salary that I reach out into the community to try and get as many meetings as possible.  Moreover, it is not just about getting meetings, but also getting meetings with the intention of moving people up the giving ladder.  My job is to fund programs in the community, making sure that these vital programs that support our kids and families have the opportunity to make an impact.  That aspect about my work, I really enjoy.  How many people can say that their job is to make tomorrow better than today?  Very few is the answer.  I know that sometimes my job can get really boring and repetitive, but what I have to do now is just kill it.  Be ready for all of the challenges and make sure that I am prepared for everything that may come down the pike.  My cubicle does not have any cubicle walls because I do not want anything to prevent me from dreaming big dreams about tomorrow.

cubicle walls

You Need A Cubicle Today

Do you need a cubicle today? Is it very important for your business to have one of these? Do you think your business would be much more successful with some brand new cubicles? Your business can really benefit from having these great cubicles because your employees will be able to have a private space where they can work from. They will also be able to use everything to their advantage, and be able to have privacy. Running a business is never easy — but as a business owner you know in order to run a very successful business you must maintain happy employees and a great work space. cubicles will allow you to do this. Now, you can decorate them according to however you would like your business to look. That means if you want to make them outrageous colors like pink, orange, yellow, and even red — we can do that. Mostly, out clients stick to white since it is neutral and most people are comfortable with them. But again, this is solely up to you. You as the consumer and business owner have full capacity to let us know exactly what you want. There are several ways to do all of these things you just have to be willing to call us. Do not hesitate for a second because we really want to hear from you and earn your business. Please, call today for a free estimate. We will be able to consult you and let you know exactly what you are getting.

Understanding your office mates

I know there are a lot of people out there who are looking for a job. They are not just looking for a job they are looking for the right job that will suit their needs and help them grow and will also be the answer to their problems and all the frustrations that they face. They are also looking to be the right person in the right cubicle. I think this is a noble thing to try to figure out. I mean, in an interview they are often the type of people who are sitting there and say the right thing and they are also the person who can honestly be the ones who are here for the right reasons and are here so that they can be heard. Being in a cubicle is not an easy thing. It is something that can be done, but not that many people like being there. The problem is that you have no privacy and your phone conversations can and will be overheard by everyone. Also, if someone comes to your cubicle and your are not facing them they will be able to see your computer and they will for sure be able to see what you are doing especially if you are not doing work and if you are checking sports scores or something. So it is a pain to be in a cubicle, but everyone starts there and you have to know that you will eventually move around and move up. You just have to be patient. I know that I need to be where I am for about 2 or 3 years and then I need to be able to move on. Or maybe not move on but move forward and think about cubicle walls.

cubicle walls

Coming Up With a Realistic Budget When Setting Up Cubicle Furniture

Even though you might think that cubicle walls are something that cannot be paid for very easily, you might be surprised at what sort of deals you can find. If you are willing to do the footwork then you should be able to come up with some pretty amazing options, but you are going to need to look at the prices of more than one seller. If you just jump into an arrangement then you could pass up some great savings, bearing this in mind will go a long way in keeping you from just going with the first bit of furniture you see. With all of the different sellers of this sort of furniture out there you should not have any problem with coming out on top, so do not worry too much about it.

The best cubicle out there can be a bit elusive at first, but if you work hard than you should be able to find the perfect type of furniture. But of course you should try and test out anything you are looking to buy before you purchase, because otherwise you could end up missing out big time. In no time at all you should be able to enjoy some superior office furniture, but only if you are willing to invest the time necessary in getting through this choice. Taking color into consideration is going to go a long way in keeping you from making the wrong choice, so it is vital that you keep this in mind. When all else fails you can always try and negotiate a more effective price, in some cases you just might be surprised at the results you end up coming up with.

Cubicle Walls

Cubicle Designs for Teams

Commercial designs for cubicle walls are getting more flexible. There are designs and materials for any range of budget or size.

In the past, most cubicle designs are purposed for one worker only per cubicle but with the growing trend of open, collaborative spaces, some offices are in the lookout for cubicle designs that are meant for teams. Those designs marry the relative need for privacy, as well as the advantages of open, collaborative spaces.

Although low walls allow for the relatively freer working environment, there are still some teams that would like to have lesser encumbrances in their interactions. That is why they prefer cubicle designs that allow for several people to work with each other within one space. The usual cubicle wall designs still allow for relative separation. Those working in teams would prefer to take that out altogether. However, cubicle walls are still needed within an office as there are usually several teams within an office. The cubicle walls, then, are just used to separate teams from each other instead of simply separating one worker from another.

The two elements of office cubicles are usually the walls and the work desk. With cubicle designs that allow for several to work with other people together, the work desk is usually replaced with a bigger conference-like table that allows people to sit just next to each other. Other office furniture like filing cabinets and other storage elements are designed with wheels to allow their users to move them around at will.


Capital Campaign and a New Building

Our non profit organization has made the decision to build an entire new building. We have started a five million dollar capital campaign to build upon our current building that we are selling for roughly eleven million dollars. We are working to design a brand new building, that will be build exclusively for our organization. One of the cute discussion items is the layouts of the cubicles.

Our current building is a terrible maze and the layout is easy to get lost in. Most of the employees do not appreciate the work space that has been created. Most of the offices were made for engineering designers, which means most of the desks are built into place and are hard to do the work we need to get done. There was an addition made to the building, so the heating and the air conditioning is inconsistent throughout the building. Some areas are too hot when others are freezing cold. There is also, no natural light that is projected throughout the work space unless you have an office. In addition to natural light, there is hardly any fresh air circulation.

I know that our working environment is not the worst but it can be improved. One of the main features of the new building will address these issues with an open layout of workspace by arranging cubicles in a way that will work towards those solutions. There have been many studies with this layout, and many of the companies that are the best places to work for are designed this way.

Must see You Tube video!

If you’re like me, you cannot stand being in your cubicle all day monday through friday. Sometimes you just have to move around and get out of your cubical. For me, when I’ve finished a project and want a little five minute break before starting my next project of the day, I like to go onto youtube. While getting a little break, I found this hilarious youtube video about Cubicle Wars. Sitting in my cubicle, I thought “wow, this is genius.” It’s basically two guys who work in a large cubicle office. They get bored throughout the day and began a little war between the two of them. I’ll post it below.

Cubical Wars 2006

I think my favorite part of this youtube video is that I kind of wish I could get away with those pranks at my job. Of course, these are two guys so they would probably get away with it more than I would because I can’t think of any good pranks. Likewise, I don’t despise anyone in my office, I just wish it were livelier. Sometimes it can feel as if that office partition really obstructs ones focus. Ironically, they were made so that you couldn’t get distracted in the work place. However, for me, when I get bored I get rousy and I can’t concentrate. maybe it isn’t the cubicle that causes my distraction, perhaps it is my work. Or perhaps I just need to do some practical jokes around the office to lighten everyones’ spirits… we’ll see.

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